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With Security Media
Our company was founded as a printing company that specialized in securities in 1907.
Over the past 110 years since our establishment, we have been developing our technology based on the security printing business.
Consequently, we became the first private company that printed Japanese bank notes when the Great Kanto Earthquake occurred in 1923, and we have been a leading company that achieved practical usage of MICR and anti-counterfeiting technology.

Make a change with pride, Take pride in change
We are deeply proud that we have a high reputation from customers in the past 110 years.
However, the economic environment has been changing faster than ever in recent years and it has become borderless. Therefore, it is difficult to predict how and when we are facing a new stage. Further, the customers’ needs are always changing.
We are living in a time where a correct answer turns into a wrong answer in an instant.
The period in which you can repeat a successful experience that brought reasonable results is over; we are in an era in which if you are bound to a past successful experience, you will miss out on opportunities.
In this environment, we are not proud of past glories rather we keep changing the right way to offer the greatest satisfaction to the customers with the phrase of “Make a change with pride, Take pride in change”. We aim to be a company that is proud of this attitude.

1. Integrity
We act with the highest integrity in both our professional dealings and personal relationships.
2. Contributing to Society
We make positive contribution to society through our business activities.
3. Pioneering Spirit
We commit to our work with a pioneering spirit.

After 110 years since our establishment, it is the time to return the founding spirit of the Tomoegawa Group to which we belong: “Sincerity”, “Social Contribution” and the “Pioneer Spirit”.
We have been changing to attaint the highest level of customer satisfaction, and have grown up with the “Pioneering Spirit”. Further, by “sincerely” adhering to this cycle we “contribute to society”. That is our social significance, and each of us always keeps it in mind.
We have been making every effort to attain the highest levels of customer satisfaction in all our services.

Your continued support and understanding would be highly appreciated.

Yusuke Inoue
SHOEI Printing Co., Ltd.

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